Pre and Post Natal

If you are pregnant or just delivered your baby,
then it is very essential that you remain physically fit.
Will we guide you on how to improve and regain your core muscles.

It is essential that you remain physically fit if you are pregnant or just delivered your baby.

Whether it is your first or your last pregnancy. Pre & post natal fitness training can make things better for you when you begin to gain weight during your pregnancy and also when you want to lose weight once the baby is delivered. It will also aid in making your pelvic floor muscles much stronger as well as maintaining all around physical fitness.

Pregnancy is not a time to decide to get fit for the first time, but is a time to maintain your fitness levels for the benefit of both you and your unborn child. Following the birth, get back into shape gently and safely with a particular focus on your abdominal strength and core stability.

Pre and post natal period exercise is highly beneficial to both Mother and baby. Many expectant Mothers are now very aware of this and are actively seeking professional guidance in managing an exercise programme which will support and enhance their pregnancy experience.

Pre Natal

You can exercise throughout the whole nine months providing your pregnancy is a normal one. Here are a few reasons to exercise-

  • Help to keep your body stronger and more supple.
  • You will have fewer problems with your joints, tendons, intestines, stomach and circulation.
  • Help prevent constipation, which is commonly experienced during pregnancy.
  • Avoid gaining more weight than the average 10-12kg (22-26lb).
  • Keep in shape during pregnancy as childbirth is often physically demanding, requiring a lot of energy to push out a baby.

Post Natal

Sarah recommends that new mothers do not return to full daily activities until 6 weeks after birth and 12 weeks after a caesarian section. The doctor will advice you when it is safe for you to train.
Post-Natal exercise will improve:

  • posture
  • muscular endurance
  • stamina
  • energy
  • metabolic rate
  • weight loss
  • self confidence