1:1 Personal Training

Ideal for those who are uncomfortable
in the gym environment or for those whose
lifestyle just doesn't fit the gym timetable.

1:1 Personal Training with Sarah goes way beyond motivating you to exercise. Sarah will intensify your workouts, increase your calorie burn and fitness level. Sarah will give you the latest nutritional guidance information and encouragement when you need it most!

Whether you want to look and feel better, live a healthier lifestyle or improve your current fitness level, you can get it all through Yor Fitness.

Training sessions can cover all elements of fitness including strength, endurance, core stability, balance and co-ordination. Training goals can be general fitness or tailored towards a particular goal or problem area. All clients can be catered for, irrespective of age, gender or fitness level.

•    One-on-one personal training sessions
•    Full lifestyle, health and fitness assessment
•    A fitness regime designed for your level of fitness and goals.

1:1 training is designed to help you build muscle and burn fat. Sarah will choose the best exercises that will challenge every muscle in your body. Forget about routine and boredom – you will hardly ever do the same workout twice.

Personal Training is ideal for those who:

•    Want to get in shape but don’t know how
•    Have a medical condition and aren’t sure how to improve your health
•    Dislike the impersonal gym environment
•    Get bored with your workouts and gym routine
•    Feel discouraged that you’re not getting the results you want
•    Want to increase your performance on the field of play

First Session

A consultation is always the first session and shows up where to improve your health. It helps establish your fitness goals and identifies past and present injuries and fitness levels.

Future Sessions

During your sessions you have access to a great range of equipment to help maximise your results, including:

•    Free Weights
•    Kettlebells
•    TRX
•    Spin Bike
•    Water Rower
•    Boxing Bag and Gloves
•    Cable Machine
•    Bosu Balls
•    Swiss Balls
•    Medicine Balls
•    Vipr and Sand Bags
•    Steps/Benches
•    Gym Mats
•    Foam rollers
•    Cones
•    Ropes

As part of the service Sarah will analyse your diet and help identify where you could improve your diet to help you lose weight and eat a healthy and nutritious diet.