EMS Training

A EMS training session lasts only 20 minutes and is always conducted with Sarah, a qualified EMS trainer, who will monitor and guide the training. Once a week is sufficient for achieving individual goals, with effectiveness proven in numerous scientific studies.

A 20 minute EMS session is equivalent to 2hour HIIT workout. It will –

• Tone and firm your body
• Help with your weight loss goals
• Improve your fitness level
• Speed up your rehabilitation
• Speed up your post natal recovery
• Improve your posture
• Give you a full body workout
• Increases muscle
• Improves endurance

  • Your body shape improvements will be quick as EMS strengthens the connective tissue, improves blood circulation and cell metabolism which help with loss of skin elasticity and cellulite.
  • EMS helps rehabilitation and speeds up your recovery from injury and back pain as it’s low impact and won’t aggravate your injury while giving you a full body workout.
  • EMS increases lean muscle mass by 40% more than traditional strength training as well as improving endurance and fitness levels by up to 69%.
  • EMS has lots of programmes for different goals. EMS body relax programme reaches deep layered muscles which is great for recovery and relaxation of the muscles.