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1:1 Training

Sarah will exercise with you and be your perfect training partner. This is the ideal solution for those who are uncomfortable in the gym environment or for those whose lifestyle just doesn’t fit the gym timetable.


Electro muscular stimulation training is highly effective and safe way to improve physical performance. Achieve your individual training goals quickly and with personal support.

Pre and Post Natal

If you are pregnant or have just delivered your baby, it is essential that you remain physically fit. Sarah will guide you on how to improve and regain your core muscles.

Running Technique

Whether you are a seasoned runner, running a marathon or just about to enter Race for Life for the first time, Sarah can enhance your training regime; work on your speed, improve your endurance and increase your stamina.

Meet Sarah

Sarah is a Yorkshire-based, Advanced Level 3 personal trainer and freelance exercise specialist.  She focuses on running techniques, pre and post natal, weight loss, circuits, kettlebells, endurance training, diet and nutrition.

Sarah’s aim is to deliver safe, effective, fun and interesting workouts to all her clients. She is enthusiastic and supportive, ensuring that her clients remain interested and stimulated, which means that they stick with their programmes. She has helped clients reach their health and fitness goals through appropriate cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance exercise. Sarah enjoys motivating others to improve their overall fitness and health. With Sarah’s knowledge and passion it will be quicker and easier to achieve your goals, so call her to start your journey with her, to a new improved you!

Sarah at Yor Fitness specialises in providing personal fitness expertise and boot camps which help our clients reach a whole new level of physical fitness and health. Whether you are looking for unique personal training, strength training, flexibility training, nutrition advice, wellness coaching, fascial strength therapy, or fitness classes, Sarah will accommodate your needs.

  • Personal Training
  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Nutrition
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Fascial Strength Therapy
  • EMS Training
  • HIIT training
  • Metabolism training
  • Pre and Post Natal Training
  • Sport massage therapy
  • Weight Loss

    Firstly, everyone thinks that muscle weighs more than fat – but it weighs exactly the same! It’s just that you need a lot of fat to make up the same weight of muscle. So if we have more fat than muscle the surface area is much larger. So don’t get too hung up about what the scales say! The really good news is that half a kg of muscle will burn an extra 50 kcals per day without having to do anything; so the more muscle we have, the more kcals we will burn for free!!

  • Increased Muscle Definition

    With Sarah’s nutritional experitise and muscle knowledge she has the science to help you see results. There are no quick fix solutions to health and fitness goals despite what the media might try to tell you. They are achieved by hard work and dedication by you and expertise, guidance and support from Yor Fitness.

  • Sport Specific Goals

    Whether you’re a seasoned runner, or just signed up for the Race for Life, a 10k or Marathon, Sarah can develop your running, work on your speed, your endurance and your stamina. All the things it takes to achieve your goal, be it a new PB or simply completing the course.

  • Nutrition Guidance

    A healthy diet is a major part of any fitness regime, optimal health requires the right exercise and the right nutrition. To maximise the benefits of your workout plan,  Sarah also does Nutrition Coaching.

What our clients have to say!

I am the fittest I’ve ever been after working out with Sarah. I ran my first half marathon this year and I am now in training with Sarah for a full Marathon next year which I never thought possible.  Muscles I never knew I had have started to show! I am never bored with Sarah’s workouts as they are so different from any Personal Trainer I’ve ever had before. The sessions are more fun and focus on my goals. No more pounding away in the gym for me anymore!

Ben Briggs

After completing the cleanse programme I felt absolutely fantastic. Sarah got me down to my target weight ready for me to be Mother of the Bride. Sarah redesigned my eating habits and gave me a body to be proud of again. I feel more confident and I enjoy the new lifestyle Sarah has shown me. I have changed my eating habits and lifestyle forever now and as a result I have more energy and glowing skin. Everyone should do Sarah’s cleanse.

Valerie Hartley

I am a full time mother and having worked out for some years, I considered myself to be pretty fit when I started training with Sarah at Yor Fitness. But with her help, I soon discovered that I could push myself harder and achieve a much higher level of fitness. Sarah has a great ability to encourage self belief and determination whilst bringing a lot of humour and fun into tough workout sessions.

Within the first six weeks of training, I lost 7lbs, reduced my overall body fat percentage, and doubled my overall fitness levels, which without Sarah’s support and encouragement would not have been attainable.

Sarah has always maintained a professional and reliable service which is essential with a baby around. Training with Sarah is not just about fitness it’s about taking time to develop a positive mental attitude. I look forward to my sessions as much as for physical development as to the effect it has on my performance in my home life – and much to my surprise I really enjoy it! She has a considerate, confident approach and a clear enthusiasm for health and fitness.

I strongly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for the very best in personal trainers – results guaranteed!

Ali McGlyn

I’ve just started training with Sarah and can’t recommend her enough! Her workouts are much more intense and effective than I have previously achieved in an hour at the gym! She has exercises for all problem areas and you know they’ve been tackled because you can feel it the next day! Every workout is varied so time passes quickly!  She oozes enthusiasm for feeling fit and healthy and it’s inspiring.

Cat Rawlins